Advantage Software Timesavers for Media & Project Management

Advantage is loaded with several powerhouse features and tools designed to make media buying and planning and other agency operations more efficient. 


Advantage can maximize efficiency in your agency or media buying organization, whether you need a way to pull project financial data quickly and accurately or you’re looking for simple ways to actualize your media plans. Our agency management software is built by industry vets who know what media buyers, project managers and account executives need to run effectively and profitably. 


Project Expense Reporting- Quote vs. Actual Dashboard


To make sure you’re effectively managing your jobs and campaigns, it’s essential to know where you are in hours against what your client was quoted for. With the Quotes vs. Actual Dashboard in Advantage, you can see the project estimate, compared to all expenses and logged hours. , All numbers on the QvA Dashboard update in real time as expenses mount and your team continues to log hours. 


“If you’re trying to give a status report to the account people, the QvA Dashboard will have that information handily available,” Larry Bower, a Software Support team member tells us. “Anyone can use it to make them the status meeting hero.” 


The Quote vs. Actual Dashboard is an easy-to-use feature that gives you accurate and real-time data with a few clicks of a button. And there are a variety of ways you can use the dashboard to view relevant project costs at several levels of detail. 

Whether you’re an account exec reporting to your team on specific jobs or a director updating the c-suite on the health of your active campaigns, the Advantage Quote vs. Actual Dashboard simplifies and expedites the project reporting process. 


See Larry demo the feature here.


Save Time Actualizing Digital Media Plans- The Digital & Media Campaign Manager


The Digital & Media Campaign Manager is a powerhouse tool with a variety of applications and features. One of the most useful features is its automated media plan actualization options. 


“It’s a huge timesaver for any of our clients who use our media planning tool,” says Diedre Doyle, an Implementation and Training team member at Advantage Software. “It’s perfect if you’re looking for an efficient way to actualize your media plans and update orders all in one application.” 


This tool allows media planners to compare planned-to-actual data and easily roll forward any unused budget amounts. The Digital & Media Campaign Manager automates what could be tedious processes of calculations and line-by-line reconciliation. What could’ve taken you hours, Advantage can empower you to do in a matter of minutes. 


What’s more, it offers a variety of ways to actualize media plans. Whether you want to roll over budget evenly across tactics or vendors or you want to utilize weighted percentages, the Digital & Media Campaign Manager will automate the calculation and reconciliation process. No more worrying about human error and no more wasted hours of tedious manual entry. 


Click here to see Deidre walk through the actualization options. 

Invoice Reports at a Glance- Broadcast Invoice Reporting


If you manage broadcast media buying campaigns, how often have you needed real-time data on broadcast invoices? Say the accounting team needs an update mid-flight on the status of pending orders or missing invoices: what do you do?

Advantage Software has the solution: our Broadcast Invoice Reporting feature. This feature offers quick, detailed and up-to-date information on the state of the invoices for your broadcast media buys. 


It only takes a few clicks to run a report, and you can define the parameters around what you need. Do you need a granular and focused report or a wide-lens overview report? “There’s a detail option and a summary option,” says Sean Hoffman, an Implementation and Training team member. In fact, you can craft your report to display data that is as general or as focused as necessary. The report is completely user-definable and easy to use. 


The Broadcast Invoice Reporting feature is a quick and easy way to see a real-time display of broadcast invoices. 


See Sean demo the feature here.




The Advantage agency management system is an all-in-one solution purpose-built for agencies and creative teams of all sizes.


We’ve been exclusively focused on helping our clients maximize productivity, efficiency and profitability for over 40 years, with almost a thousand agencies counting on us to help run their business every day.


With Advantage, our clients have access to a team of US-based agency veterans supporting them every step of the way. Learn more from our awesome team members by watching this video (don’t forget to Like & Subscribe to our YouTube page).


All of our clients have unlimited access to our live customer support line from 8am-7:30pm Eastern every business day.


Find out how Advantage can help you by contacting us for a complimentary demo or discussion about your unique needs.

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