Do You Have the Best Media Mix to Reach Your Goals?

Digital media evolves with breathtaking speed. Shifting audience trends and new advertising opportunities can make even the most seasoned media professional feel overwhelmed. How do you know which tactics will best reach your campaign goal? Fortunately, there are solutions that help you do just that.


Always Keep the Goal in Mind

With all the exciting options available, it’s easy to lose sight of your basic campaign goal. Do you want to generate leads, conversions or website visits? Or do you want to reach the widest possible audience with an overall branding campaign? Keeping your goal in mind while planning your media mix results in more relevant campaigns. Here are a few examples:

Search Targeting – More search-heavy focus to identify users actively searching for an existing problem that the advertiser solves.

Social Media Branding – Create an online presence with a heavy emphasis on Social Media tactics.

Video Focused Branding – Reaching the widest audience through content and engagement using rich video.


Which Tactics Work Best?

What mix of tactics would most effectively reach your audience? It depends on the campaign goal. For example, if your goal was reaching an audience with a video focused branding campaign, tactics may include CTV, newsfeed placements and competitor channel targeting. Because you want the best mix, you’ll also include search and social media (although not as heavy as a search or social media branding campaign would be).


Overwhelmed by Options? Experts to the Rescue!

Rapid growth and changes in digital advertising can be confusing. The Advantage Media Platform comes with expert-designed templates ready to use for media plans. Simply select the template that best fits your campaign goal and quickly build your plan. The digital media templates include a mix of tactics formulated for specific goals. They can be used as is or to jump start your media plan and customize. You can also create your own templates for any media type.


Want to Learn More?

Advantage is the only true all-in-one solution purpose-built for agencies and creative teams of all sizes. The system covers everything from Project and Production Management, Finance and Accounting, Time and Expense Management, and Media Planning and Buying.


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