Maximize the Relevance of Your Agency

There are always challenges for agencies, but one thing remains constant; the need to be ready for change. Here are examples of leveraging your agency management system to protect your business, stay nimble and make informed decisions.

Always Know Client Profitability
With your integrated accounting features, you can easily measure and compare profits from each client to gain actionable insights. When some have a much lower profit margin when you consider the amount of time employees must spend to maintain them, dig deeper to discover why. Sometimes the solution is as simple as raising rates for the client, but there could be other factors. Are you providing extra services that should be billed? The transparency that an all-in-one platform provides can help you ask the right questions.

Help Employees Work Smarter (Not Harder)
Automating repetitive tasks and harnessing the power of an integrated platform can save thousands of dollars a year in FTE costs alone. With your agency management platform's automation tools, an individual can more quickly and accurately accomplish the same work it used to take an entire team to do. Best of all, automating processes frees up employee time to do creative and strategic work that is more relevant to your agency’s success.

Reduce Risk of Incorrect Billing
Clients have many expectations, and accurate billing is among the most important. Frequent billing errors can erode your agency’s credibility. When your Accounting staff uses a separate system and manually enter billing data, the risk of human error rises dramatically. With an integrated platform, billing records are generated directly from media plans and production data, virtually eliminating the risk of embarrassing mistakes. 

Lower Operating Expenses
Paying for multiple systems is not only costly; it complicates your processes. Rapid growth is a double-edged sword, as new employees adopt software and platforms for their specific needs. Add up the cost of these separate tools and compare to an all-in-one system. Also consider how a single integrated system can increase efficiency and save time, therefore lowering operating costs.

Going Paperless Means More than Saving the Environment
Observe the amount of paper being used during your processes. For example, when draft invoices are printed for approval, it not only wastes paper, but it slows the billing process. An integrated system with automated billing approval capabilities streamlines the process and reduces delays.

Be Prepared for Audits
The impact of an audit can be chaos when employees are pulled off billable work to chase down records and documents. But inquiries and audits don’t have to be painful. With your agency management platform, documents, timelines, communications and decisions are tracked and organized.

About Advantage
Advantage is the leading provider of enterprise-level software specifically designed for advertising agencies and marketing companies. Advantage automates all aspects of accounting, billing, project management, digital asset management, creative proofing, and media management with the specific needs of agencies and their clients in mind. Robust and customizable modules are fully integrated to streamline processes, ensure accuracy, and deliver excellent management reporting.


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