6 Issues Media Teams Face – And How to Solve Them

The evolution of media has resulted in rapid growth for agencies. Although this is a positive effect, it introduces challenges for media teams and magnifies existing issues. Here are six common issues media teams face – and how they can be solved.

Transitioning Digital into the Media Mix

Media teams are challenged to meet the needs of clients through both traditional and digital campaigns. Using different platforms to plan various channels makes this more difficult. In a rapidly-changing world where traditional and digital media must be combined to reach campaign goals, it is essential to have a platform that accommodates all channels - print, broadcast, out-of-home and digital.

Manual Processes

Manual processes (such as spreadsheets) are time consuming and limit how much media the agency can handle. Want to make your agency scalable? Increasing your media team gives you more bandwidth, but can also increase the number of errors without the right tools. Automating your process is very important. By doing so, you give your agency the bandwidth it needs to grow its media capability without expanding the risk profile for the agency.

Broken Communications

When relying on email, post-it notes, etc. to communicate, it’s impossible to track. When media is integrated with project management and accounting, everyone is in the loop. A central hub for all communications keeps everything organized for easy access. Organized communications are especially critical when it comes to vendor communications. A system that includes electronic vendor communication and makegoods saves a tremendous amount of time and confusion.

Dependency on Paper

A paperless workflow is more streamlined, economical and better for the environment. How much time and money would you save if used less paper?  For example, if draft invoices are still being printed, consider an integrated billing system with approval capabilities. An electronic Billing Approval feature bridges communication between Media and Accounting, automating the process, saving time as well as paper. When employees must print something from one system to enter data into another it wastes paper and time (not to mention the possibility of human error).  An integrated media system supports a paperless agency because it connects Media Orders to Billing and more – everything is in one place. Media Buyers can process orders directly from a Media Plan or Broadcast schedule. Not only does this save paper, it saves time!

Billing Errors

A common element in media workflows is manually entering billing data from spreadsheets or other systems into billing. This practice exposes agencies to enormous risk of billing errors. It doesn’t have to be that way. An integrated system reduces risk of human error by eliminating the need for manual entries from one system to another.

Slow Reporting

How much time do you spend gathering information for weekly or monthly reports? Compiling data from multiple systems is tedious and time consuming. With an integrated system, all data is in one place, making reporting quick and easy. The ability to import results and compare to planned media is a huge plus.

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