The Benefits of Automating Agency Processes

What does “automating processes” mean?

Automating processes is simply leveraging technology to replace manual steps. For an agency, this means eliminating manual entry of data and implementing paperless processes for media, project management and accounting. Automation can boost efficiency by saving time and reducing risk of human error. Software promotes integration of individual processes, which allows agencies to fill gaps in communication and data flow - ultimately lowering operating costs.

Here are key processes where agencies can see benefits from automation.

Media Planning and Creating Media Orders

Media software can streamline your process by eliminating the need for duplicate tasks. For example, generating orders from a media estimate or flowchart without manually creating them can take just a few clicks. Automating this task not only saves time, it reduces the risk of errors that inevitably happen when media orders are manually created.

Project Management and Media Communications

When relying on email, post-it notes, etc. it’s impossible to track project management communications. A central hub for all communications keeps everything organized for easy access. There are many software systems available that will do just that. All project-related communications can be automatically stored and associated with the relevant job, accessible for review.

For media, seamless vendor communications are critical. When orders can be sent from a platform (rather than with email), communication to the vendor is recorded and associated with that order. The status of the order can also be recorded as sent, received and approved. Like Project Management communications, everything is automatically stored and organized.

Document Management

A central document repository is essential for agencies and many options are available. Media or Project Management software that includes this feature are excellent choices because documents such as invoices can be automatically stored and associated with relevant jobs and orders. In the event of an audit, supporting documents are easily accessible.

Creative Proofing

Meticulous organization is essential for creative proofing management, and online proofing automates the process. Without a proofing tool, communicating edits, collaboration between reviewers and tracking versions is extremely challenging. There are many good creative proofing platforms that can keep everything and everyone in the loop.


A common element in media workflows is manually entering billing data from spreadsheets or other systems into billing. This practice exposes agencies to enormous risk of billing errors. It doesn’t have to be that way. An integrated system reduces risk of human error by eliminating the need for manual entries from one system to another.

Billing Approvals

Printing draft invoices for approval slows the billing process, which ultimately delays receiving payments. Automated paperless billing approval streamlines communications, making the process seamless for accounts, media and accounting teams.

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