Are Your Processes Still Depending on Paper? Why It Pays to Go Paperless!

Printing out documents, invoices and almost anything for your workflow wastes precious time and money. If any step in your team’s workflows still depend on paper, it’s a sign that it’s time to review and update their processes.

Dependency on paper results in workflow delays and roadblocks. It also puts your business at risk because it’s much easier to misplace paper documentation.

Here are examples of how going paperless can boost efficiency.

Project Management & Production

With all the electronic options available, there is no reason to bury your agency under paper when communicating assignments. There are many software systems available that will reduce (if not eliminate) the role of paper in your project management because tasks and assignments display on employee dashboards.

Do your project managers use a physical Kanban Board to manage production? Those sticky notes are tiny, but they can really add up. They can also get lost. Consider one of the many software options that can save paper while streamlining communications for your team.

Expense Reports

Many agencies use forms and receipts to itemize and submit expenses for reimbursement, when there are simple solutions to avoid paper. Like Project Management systems, there are systems where Expense Reports can be electronically submitted. No more need to print them out. Employees can route Expense Reports with attached receipts directly to accounting, or first to their supervisor for approval. Even better, there are mobile app solutions that utilize a mobile device’s camera to easily capture expense receipts.

Client Billing & Approvals

It's a challenge to go totally paperless when you have clients who must receive paper invoices. But that doesn’t mean you must use paper to get internal approval on billing. If draft invoices are still being printed, consider an accounting system with billing approval capabilities. A Billing Approval feature bridges communication between Account Managers and Accounting, speeding up the billing process, saving time as well as paper.

Media Process

Like other examples, a paperless media workflow is more streamlined, economical and better for the environment. An electronic Billing Approval feature bridges communication between Media and Accounting, automating the process, saving time as well as paper. When it comes to media, the risk of loss is especially acute when manually entering billing data from printed documents. When employees must print something from one system to enter data into another it wastes paper and time (not to mention the possibility of human error).  An integrated media system supports a paperless agency because it connects Media Orders to Billing and more – everything is in one place. Media Buyers can process orders directly from a Media Plan or Broadcast schedule. Not only does this save paper, it saves time!

Document Management

Documents define our projects, control our expenses and manage our risks. Agencies rely on documents to back up billing and other financial activities. Important documents like purchase orders, estimates and AP invoices should be stored with related records for easy lookup during an audit. A central repository is key. You need all your important documents in one system that is easily searchable.

The Advantage agency management system is purpose-built for agencies and creative teams of all sizes.

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