How to Communicate and Document Unique Job Information

If your agency is like most businesses, you have information that needs to be associated with each project. Traditionally, it is handled with forms to keep it uniform. The information varies according to your needs and process. Examples include job requests, project briefs, work orders and change orders.

Using paper for these forms is inefficient, expensive and bad for the environment. There is also the risk of misplacing or losing them. And, generating a report on the data is manual and cumbersome.

So, what’s the solution? Digital forms integrated with your project management system.

Each field of a digital form is a data point, a place to collect a specific type of data when users complete the form. When forms are customizable, it provides the ability to create your own data points. For example, a change order would include information such as the date, description of the change, the reason, who authorized the change, etc. After the project is finished, a change order report can be run for review. It would also support additional charges if the client questions the invoice.

With forms included in the electronic job jacket, it can be accessed by anyone on the team when they need the information. Because it stays within the job, it can’t be misplaced, misfiled or lost.

When selecting a project management system, look for a customizable forms feature. In addition to text fields, be sure it includes special fields such as date fields and drop-downs. If you’re generating reports in spreadsheets, number fields are important because it adds the ability to total the entries. If the system includes alerts and assignments, be sure you can use these communication tools to send or route the form to team members. This is essential if you have team members who work remotely.

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