Case Study: Audit Preparation No Longer Causes Chaos for Agency

Client Profile

Full-service Agency; 119 users; multiple offices


Accounting and client audits caused disruptions. Staff spent many hours gathering data to prepare. Some information was not stored. Changes to sales tax laws made it challenging to be compliant.

Advantage Solutions

Implement Advantage to centralize and automate all accounting, media and project management data. Use the Sales Tax Platform integration for sales tax compliance.


Centralized system made preparing for audits easier and less time-consuming. Internal reporting was streamlined. Sales tax compliance assured resulting in substantial risk mitigation.

For large agencies, it’s not a question of if an audit will happen. It’s when it will happen.

Like many growing agencies, this one experienced both accounting and client audits. As the agency grew, so did the frequency (especially client audits). Staff scrambled to gather supporting information and documents in preparation. Unfortunately, some data was not available, leaving them unprepared.

With Advantage, the accounting and finance staff could access the data they needed for any type of audit. Plus, both internal and external reporting was easier than ever. The self-serve reporting features empowered account managers, as they could now generate on-demand reports without having to funnel requests through accounting.

Sales tax compliance presented another challenge. The agency had locations and clients throughout the United States, making it extremely difficult to stay on top of sales tax liability. Determining and calculating what was owed was confusing and staff was not confident in the accuracy of their data. The sales tax platform integration ensured they were sales tax compliant and easily prepared for any type of audit.

A year after implementation, the Chief Financial Officer followed up with Advantage to share how much his agency has benefited from using Advantage:

“We had several audits last year. Pulling the data and documentation out of Advantage was a breeze. Everything was right where it should be!”


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