Steps Your Agency Should Take During Challenging Financial Times

The last few months have been like riding a roller coaster, and no one knows when things will stabilize. During challenging financial times, it is necessary to take steps to survive, and set yourself up to thrive.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Save time and money with automation. Today's software solutions give agencies the chance to significantly automate time-intensive  and error-prone activities, such as manual entry, that nobody wants to do.  Automation has the added benefit of eliminating tasks that generate little financial benefit to the agency.

Go Paperless

If you haven't yet implemented paperless processes, there's no better time to do so. Using paper to run your agency is the antithesis of automation; it's outdated, costly and inefficient. When reviewing your workflow, look for steps that depend on paper. Because of the many options to remedy, going paperless is easier than ever.

Review Operating Costs

Your operating costs are the core of your agency. If you are paying for separate software systems such as Project Management, Accounting, and Media Planning & Buying, cut those costs in half or less by consolidating those functions onto one platform. A single system can cost significantly less than multiple software subscriptions, which allows the agency to re-purpose those funds into something more productive.

Reduce Risk of Loss

When billing clients, manual entry  increases the risk of over-billing or leaving money on the table. Try as you might to carefully enter data, simply pressing the wrong key can result in costly investigations and even audits. 

Having to work in multiple systems costs you time, money, and puts you at risk. There is a better way to work.

The Advantage Agency Management System is the only true all-in-one solution purpose-built for agencies and creative teams of all sizes. The system covers everything from Project and Production Management, Finance and Accounting, Time and Expense Management, and Media Planning and Buying.

We’ve been exclusively focused on helping our clients maximize productivity, efficiency and profitability for over 40 years, with almost a thousand agencies counting on us to help run their business every day.

With Advantage you get a team of US-based agency veterans supporting you every step of the way.  All implementation and training is done by experienced Advantage staff, and all clients have unlimited access to our live customer support line from 8am-7:30pm Eastern every business day.

Find out how Advantage can help you by contacting us for a complimentary demo or discussion about your unique needs.

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