The Secret to Successful Resource Management

What is resource management? By definition, it's the process of using team resources as efficiently as possible.  Thoughtful and strategic resource management increases the chances of project success, profitability and productivity. In the advertising industry, the term resource management most commonly involves allocating employee time. 

A resource manager’s job is to make the most of the staff they have by applying the right employees to the right task at the right time.  This practice can prevent employee burnout from over-utilization and less boredom from downtime (under-utilization). Since there are usually several projects in various stages going on simultaneously, those responsible for managing resources need a 30,000 foot view of all employee assignments as well as current and future project needs.

The Secret to Successful Resource Management
Resource managers must remain flexible while keeping projects on track because it's an ongoing process. When resources are mismanaged, time is wasted and deadlines are missed. Each employee has a skill set, and can be applied to certain types of tasks. For example, a copywriter can also perform proofreading assignments. Some resources have a wide range of skills, such as an ability to work with image retouching, video editing and design software, while other employees are more narrowly focused, but have a higher proficiency of the skill. The better a manager understands their team, the better they can apply their time.
One way to remain flexible is to define roles to categorize assignments, and apply these roles to employees. This provides flexibility when demand for resources increases. An employee with a wide skill set would have several roles, and can quickly be assigned to a task where needed. 

Track Employee Time for More Accurate Resource Management
When you plan and allocate resource time, the required hours to complete a task are estimated. Knowing the history of how long it actually takes employees to complete similar assignments provides information that can help you be more accurate when allocating resources in future projects. Time tracking is critical in order to compare estimated to actual hours during a project as well as after it is complete. It is one of the ways to measure profitability per project and client. Time tracking also makes it possible to run an employee utilization report, which is highly valuable to a resource manager.

Avoid Resource Management Chaos
Are you overwhelmed with the thought of juggling resource management with calendars, spreadsheets, schedules and email? Juggling tools that don’t work together is a waste of time. Integrated tools make all the difference.  They identify peaks and valleys, track time and generate reports you need. The right tools save time and boost efficiency. And that’s smart resource management.

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