AI's Impact On Agency Operations


"There certainly will be job disruption. Because what's going to happen is robots will be able to do everything better than us. ... I mean all of us," said tech mogul Elon Musk, speaking to the National Governors Association. 

Is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Neural Networks and the rest of it going to be the demise of the human race or the dawn of a new era of wealth, prosperity and productivity? And instead of sitting on the sidelines watching it happen, how do you responsibly approach and implement this stuff in your agency without bankrupting the organization or installing something nobody will use?


We don't have all the answers, but we've got a good place to start...


"The easiest way for a company to start with AI is with tools that help manage the team and operations," states Thorin McGee in his article titled 3 Areas Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Marketing.  He goes on to talk about how AI-driven tools and schedulers can "help make your life much more efficient".


Think of AI as an exoskeleton.

There is an old saying from a Madison Avenue CEO that goes: “unlike most businesses, all of my assets go up and down the elevator every day.”  Those people also account for the majority of costs in an advertising agency, so it makes sense that any technology that can help those people be more efficient and productive would be worth looking into. "That's where AI makes the most sense in agencies today and will have the greatest impact near-term," says Ellen Coulter, President of Advantage Software. "Automating repetitive tasks within the agency and harnessing the power of agency management software like Advantage to perform data-intensive tasks like resource scheduling and media buying can save the agency thousands of dollars a year in FTE costs alone".


“If your job is really to move numbers around a spreadsheet and optimizing it based on what’s performing, the computer is going to be way better than you and faster,” says Firstborn’s executive creative director Dave Snyder in a recent article for AdWeek


What that equates to is the ability for one Media Manager or one Project Manager to do the same amount of work that used to require three prior to the use of AI-enabled agency management software. It also frees up those employees from doing work that, let's face it, most employees don't enjoy doing anyway. That helps with employee morale and enables the agency to prioritize the creative-thinking aspects of the business that ad agencies are most famous for, to begin with.  "The best creative ideas can come from the most unlikely places," says Brent Shedd, a former agency executive who built and ran offices for some of the largest agencies in the US. "With AI shouldering the weight of many of the most time-intensive tasks, employees in Finance, Accounting, Project Management, Media and other disciplines actually have the chance to think creatively during the day, and they tend to come at solutions from a really different (and valuable) perspective that can often inform other ideas or become the primary creative idea itself."  So from that perspective, AI can actually unleash creativity throughout your agency - how awesome would that be?


Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 1.24.35 PMA recent McKinsey study showed that almost 70% of Project Management tasks alone can be automated, which gives you an idea of the size of the prize here. We're not talking about incremental improvements; we're talking about reshaping the operational landscape within the agency - for the better.


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