Maximize the Effectiveness of Agency Communication

Communication is the key to every successful relationship, especially with business relationships. Both internal communications with team members or external communications with clients and vendors must be clear and concise.

We've spent a fair amount of time helping agencies streamline communications by implementing tools to support best practices and have a few tips to share.
Tell It Like It Is
Things rarely go as planned, and when they don't there's a desire to sugar-coat or edit feedback. Or simply ignore it, not share news at all, hoping the situation will resolve itself. Resist that urge and communicate it as soon as possible. If the team, client or vendor discovers that you've edited the truth, you'll lose their trust. Honesty is always the best policy (delivered with tact of course).

Everyone Must Row in the Same Direction
It's critical that you convey to the team that everyone must work together to complete their individual tasks. If you're trying to row the boat alone, you're destined for failure. Instead, use team communications to reinforce a sense of togetherness. That way, when someone begins to fall short, they have the support of the whole team. 
Share The Good And The Bad
It's much easier to relay compliments than negative feedback, but good team communication includes both - conveyed tactfully in an actionable way. Instead of focusing on the problem, think about how the team can help solve the situation. 
Give Updates Even When It's Business as Usual
We all assume that something is happening even when nothing is, so touch base with the team or client even when there's nothing to share. Doing so will keep projects top of mind and prevent misinformation. Sharing "Business as Usual" updates can also generate movement and prevent projects from stalling. 
Be Brief
Team communications should get straight to the point. If someone wants more detail around a particular topic, they can reach out directly. One of the most common complaints about team communications is how difficult it can be to stay on top of them. The quicker a team member is able to scan what you've sent and immediately take away what you need from them, the quicker they can get back to work. When it comes to team communication content, less is definitely more.

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