Thank Your Clients Without Spending a Dime

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 2.53.26 PMTis the season for parties, presents and PTO, all of which can end up costing the agency a good amount of money. So this week we're sharing ideas that allow you to thank your clients without putting the agency in debt.


Technology today has advanced to the point that shooting, editing and distributing a video is incredibly easy. A simple way to say Thanks to clients is to shoot quick, 30 second videos of every team member on the account talking about one thing they're thankful for. It could be an experience they had with the client, it could be something they've learned from the client's product or service, it could even be the chance to advance their career by working on a new category - everyone should be able to find one thing to be grateful for.

pjoneThe videos can be shot with a phone - nothing fancy necessary - and dropped into an editing software like iMovie or something similar. Throw in some music in the background and you've got an honest, no cost expression of gratitude from the agency that can be shared with the client as they head off for Thanksgiving.

When done right, videos like these come across as authentic, sometimes quirky, but always fun and endearing. If you're really feeling daring, you can shoot it live and invite the client to watch on Facebook; just make sure everyone knows you're coming and has thought about what they want to say...


using-linkedin-to-build-your-online-resume-reputation-connections-34-728We all want our 15 minutes of fame, so give it to your clients. Instead of sharing their thoughts on video, have team members say what they're thankful for in a social media posting that tags the client(s). If you have everyone do it on the same day, the effect on the client(s) can be quite amazing.

If you're feeling especially grateful, write your client a recommendation on Linked In. These are expressions of gratitude that remain long after the day is over.


If you can wrangle a bit of Creative time or a team member knows photo-editing software well enough, you can score some real points by inserting the client's image into their favorite movie poster, have the team sign it and send it to them.

It's a fun memento that they'll gladly put on display and will keep the agency (and team) top of mind for months to follow.


This option actually costs money - but it doesn't have to cost the agency money. Intrigued? Read on...

tableThe idea is to invite the clients to enjoy a catered lunch at the agency or at the client's location with the team that works on the business. Pay for the meal with the rebate received from using an automated payment solution like what Advantage has in place with CSI. Because the CSI payment platform is fully integrated into Advantage's AQUA Agency Management System, it's simply a matter of selecting the CSI option when paying the agency's bills (like vendors, etc.). The agency is rebated a percentage of the total payments. Some agencies use the funds to cover the cost of the agency's management system (which means you can get a system like Advantage's AQUA essentially for free). Others rebate the funds back to their clients, but you can also use the funds to thank your clients with a nice spread every year. It's an option that feeds the spirits and the hunger of both the clients and the agency's team members alike. 

However you go about it, there are plenty of ways to thank your clients this holiday season without making Finance write a big check. What's important is creating a valuable touchpoint that continues to build the agency's relationship with the client and brings the team together in the process.

For more information about the CSI payment platform and how it integrates with AQUA to pay you for paying your bills, click here and we'll gladly give you a quick online demonstration.

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