The Power of a Connected Calendar

A calendar is an essential tool we all use to manage our day. When it is integrated with a project management system, it becomes a supercharged machine where everything comes together.


Central Hub for Activities and Appointments

A company-wide calendar is a central hub for appointments. Because everyone has access, it’s perfect for seeing the availability of each person. For example, vacations can be entered allowing you to plan days, weeks and months ahead. Another benefit is including company holidays so everyone is in sync.


Tasks and Assignments

A truly integrated calendar can show a real-time view of tasks and assignments. Not only does it provide daily, weekly, monthly or timeline visuals on what everyone is working on, assignments can be managed right from the calendar. When changes are made to assignments from the calendar, they are automatically updated everywhere in the system, ensuring consistency. This is a huge time saver as it eliminates the need for manually entering data from an external calendar into a project management system. With the ability to include hours allowed with assignments and project schedule tasks, it adds an exciting dimension to the calendar. With assignments associated with certain jobs, their hours are as well, providing enormous possibilities.



Effortless Client-Ready Timelines

Nothing illustrates a project timeline like a calendar. Imagine printing a beautiful project schedule for your client in calendar format, complete with tasks and their start and due dates! Because everything is connected, a project calendar can be printed in seconds!


Resource Management

Here’s where an integrated calendar really shines for project managers!  Total hours associated with assignments (and even appointments) can be viewed for each person on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This means they can instantly see who is over utilized and who has the bandwidth for more work. Work can be redistributed system-wide right from the calendar!



Simplified Time Entry

Does your team struggle getting timesheets done? When a calendar is integrated with time entry, timesheets are a breeze! Users can bring hours into their timesheet right from their calendar.


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