Successfully Implement Change in Your Agency

Change Quote from DarwinYou don’t have to be in the agency or media buying business long before you realize there is one constant – change. Organizations can’t be afraid of it or shy away from it. Change is good and promotes growth. Trust the process of operational change management to help your business navigate through these murky (and often scary) waters.

Change is not easy.  It is simply part of our human nature to grow comfortable with the status quo and be resistant to change, even if it is for the better. Change, by its very nature, is uncomfortable and hard.

When a significant change is on the horizon, especially one that will alter the work processes, hierarchical structure or job roles within your company or organization, managing the transition itself and the emotional toll it will take on your employees becomes paramount. Enter the concept of change management.

Change QuotesOperational change management refers to the concept of successfully planning, selling and executing a change in a specific division or department of a business or in the entire organization. The goal is to improve overall operations of the department, division or business to respond to industry changes, more aggressively compete for business or increase productivity, all while maintaining organizational structure and employee morale.

For example, your agency may have outgrown your current software, but employees may be comfortable using it. This is where fear is your greatest enemy.  Successfully introducing new software would involve convincing employees how the result will benefit them as well as the agency.  It also requires transparency and guidance through each step of implementation and a commitment to invest in training.

Operational change is typically spearheaded by executives or department heads and flows from the top down. While some organizations adopt a dictatorial attitude to change, as in “You’ll do what I tell you do to and you’ll like it”, the most successful businesses seek input from all staff levels and address employee concerns. Remember, when it comes to implementing new processes, no amount of visible senior level support is too much. Part of the planning process before a change is rolled out should be to recognize distressed staff and attempt to mitigate stress due to the operational change.

Change is inevitable. Embrace it. Let operational change management philosophy help your business change in an efficient, methodical and transformative way.

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