WFH Tips for Agencies and Creative Teams

Working from home has suddenly become the new normal. Its acronym (WFH) frequently appears in social media, with amusing stories from those getting used to video conferencing and working remotely.

Managing remote employees introduces challenges, especially when you’re used to everyone in the same building. It's much easier when you have the right tools. We’ve posted several articles that can help. 

When remote working was on the rise, we discussed the importance of clear communication and the value of a central hub in “Successfully Managing Remote Employees” and “Making Remote Work.”

Good, clear communication is the core of successfully managing remote teams. Examples of remote working fails are almost always caused by poor communication. Check out this article, “Five Tips for Better Team Communication” ; always relevant, especially in WFH scenarios.

Those who rely on paper will feel the most pain when having to manage their process remotely. Even with everyone and everything onsite, this practice is inefficient and wasteful. Read “Is Your Agency Truly Paperless” for information on how to implement a paperless process. An automated document manager will eliminate the need for paper documents and physical files. "Automating Document Management" will show you how this feature can store files and keep everything organized.

Even paperless agencies rely on manual processes all too often. Using spreadsheets for project schedules or reports is one example. Sure, email can be used to share them with the team, but there’s always the risk that someone is left out of the loop. Read “Integrated Project Management” and “The Benefits of and Integrated Media Workflow” for more on how a central hub ensures everyone has access to current data in real-time from any location.

A central calendar is essential for any organization and is even more essential when everyone works remotely. If your calendar is integrated with your project management platform, it performs at a whole new level. Learn the benefits in “The Power of a Connected Calendar”.

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